Shakespeare's sister
Virginia Woolf [October 20 and 26 1928]
Foreword Kate Mosse. The Guardian, c2007.
Title from cover. Versions of this speech were delivered by Virginia Woolf at Girton and Newnham Colleges, University of Cambridge, on October 10 and 26 1928. However, because no copies of the speech were made, the text used here is taken from Woolf's 1929 essay 'A room of one's own' (Penguin, 1929), which was based on the talks at Girton and Newnham Colleges. -- t.p. verso "The Manchester Guardian did not report Virginia Woolf's talks at Cambridge. This piece from the New York Times on November 10 1929, is a review of Woolf's essay, based on the talks." -- By Louis Kronenberger, 'Virginia Woolf discusses women and fiction: a room of one's own'. -- pp. 17-18.
Book 12 in the series: Great speeches of the 20th century. No recording.
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