An Indo-European language and a member of the Iranian branch of languages (North-West group), spoken by c. 5 million people living mainly in Baluchistan, a region encompassing sections of Pakistan, Iran and Afganistan, as well as in smaller communities in India and the Arabian Peninsula.

Although there is a very rich classical literary heritage, consisting mainly of ballads and folk songs, the Baluchi language and literature came into notice relatively recently. The establishment of the Baluchistan University and the Baluchi Academy in Quetta in the late 1960s played a significant role in promoting the language, literature and culture.

Modern Baluchi is spoken in six major dialects: Eastern Hill dialects, Rakhshani, Saravani, Kechi, Lotuni and Coastal dialects. It seems that Rakhshani is becoming the base of modern standard Baluchi. The language is spelt in the Arabic script.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family, SCRIPT = Arabic

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