Moroccan Arabic : Shnoo the hell is going on H'naa?
Aaron Sakulich and Rajae Khalou (2011)
This book offers the reader a lively and humorous guide to learning Moroccan Darija, the Arabic dialect of Morocco, including a detailed section on the transliteration system.
The text starts by offering comprehensive introductions to Moroccan Arabic grammar and then moves on to every day conversational chapters on how to ask questions, talking about money, telling time, conjunctions and prepositions. Also featured in the appendices are chapters on Food, At the doctor's, Body parts, Religious terminology, Political terminology, "Naughty" words, Environment/places, The States, Jobs and work, Colours and shopping, Clothing, Family, Animals, Musical instruments, 50 verbs, Misc. adjectives, Conjunctions/timing, Misc. idioms and proverbs, Being friendly and Religious idioms.
In Arabic and English, an ideal starting point for anyone looking to live or work in Morocco.
AR MOROC 4 Open Access