An Altaic language and a member of the Turkic branch, spoken by c. 7 million people chiefly in the Republic of Azerbaijan, where it is the official language, with some further speakers in neighbouring Iran, Iraq and Turkey; also called Azeri. The closest linguistic affiliation is with Tatar.

Azerbaijani has a long literary history dating from the 16th century, when Fuzuli wrote the mystical epic Leyla ile Mecnun. The language used to be widely spoken in the region, serving as a lingua franca for Turkic speakers in Central Asia. Today Azerbaijani consists of 8 mutually intelligible dialects groups, 6 of which are spoken in Azerbaijan: Eastern, including the dialect spoken in the capital Baku, Western, Central, Northern, Southern and Eastern Anatolian. Two dialect groups are spoken in Iran.

Azerbaijani was spelt in the Arabic script for centuries. A version of the Roman script was used from 1922 to 1939, when Cyrillic was adopted. As of August 2001 a revised Roman alphabet is used officially.

CLASSIFICATION = Altaic family , SCRIPT = Roman

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