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The Language Centre

The Language Centre

The Language Centre supports the teaching and learning of languages throughout the University. It does so flexibly in accordance with the needs of its users; it uses IT to underpin its operations and its activities are informed by relevant research in second language acquisition and educational technology.

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Learning Advice

The Advising Team are here to support you on a one-to-one basis, exploring resources and opportunities to structure a path towards your personal language learning goals. We are most interested in helping you identify the strengths and learning preferences that will motivate your language study, as well as find strategies for tackling weaker areas.

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Teaching Programmes

The Language Centre provides a range of courses in fifteen languages, including English, for students and staff of the University; in addition to offering teaching directly to specific Faculties or Departments.

Cambridge University Language Programmes (CULP)
Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS)

Independent Learning

The John Trim Centre (JTC) houses resources in over 170 languages from beginner to advanced level, and staff are available to help and guide users in their choice of materials.

The John Trim Centre for independent language learning

Languages in the news

A Map of Lexical Distances Between Europe's Languages

07 March 2017

A Finn and a Spaniard walk into a bar. How do they strike up a conversation? It would be exceptional for either to speak each other's language. And it would be rare for both to be fluent enough in French, German, Esperanto or Russian – all languages which once had the ambition to become Europe's lingua franca.

On language and defiance: a Q & A with Ilan Stavans

02 March 2017

We caught up with Ilan Stavans, Editor in Chief of Oxford Bibliographies in Latino Studies, to discuss his recent New York Times editorial, the use of the Spanish language in the United States, and why Spanish isn’t a foreign language in the US.

Don’t be ‘angst-ridden’ over Brexit divide with communities: v-c

24 February 2017

But Cambridge head warns that perceived isolation from neighbours is ‘biggest challenge’.

Vice-Chancellor's statement on anti-semitic leaflets

07 February 2017

"The University of Cambridge is an inclusive, diverse and welcoming community." says Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.

'Brits should learn Polish or Urdu to help encourage integration'

17 January 2017

Professor Wendy Ayres-Bennett said a 'basic understanding' in other community languages would help social cohesion in the UK.

Learning a second language still matters

13 December 2016

Speaking a foreign language remains vitally important in the Brexit era, says Wendy Ayres-Bennett.

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Latest News

New Open Courseware!
Russian Basic Vocabulary.

Easter CULP Enrolment - Now Open

Details about timetables and fees available on UTBS.

New Position: Tamil Language Tutor

To offer some provision in Tamil, to a small group of learners, who are engaged in academic research focussing on Sri Lanka.

Calling AMES and MML students to act as ‘Language Ambassadors’
To motivate the take-up of languages in school and progression to higher levels.