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The Language Centre

The Language Centre

The Language Centre supports the teaching and learning of languages throughout the University. It does so flexibly in accordance with the needs of its users; it uses IT to underpin its operations and its activities are informed by relevant research in second language acquisition and educational technology.

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Advice & Learning

The Advising Team are here to support you on a one-to-one basis, exploring resources and opportunities to structure a path towards your personal language learning goals. We are most interested in helping you identify the strengths and learning preferences that will motivate your language study, as well as find strategies for tackling weaker areas.

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Teaching Programmes

The Language Centre provides a range of courses in fifteen languages, including English, for students and staff of the University; in addition to offering teaching directly to specific Faculties or Departments.

Cambridge University Language Programmes (CULP)
Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS)

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Open Courseware

To support language learning, the Language Centre is making a range of its language learning resources available as open courseware under the Creative Commons Licence.

The Language Centre Open Courseware

Independent Learning

The John Trim Centre (JTC) houses resources in over 170 languages from beginner to advanced level, and staff are available to help and guide users in their choice of materials.

The John Trim Centre for independent language learning

Languages in the news

Languages boost to deliver skilled workforce for UK's businesses

03 August 2018

School Standards Minister Nick Gibb unveils new drive to deliver a nation of confident linguists and ensure businesses have the skilled workers they need.

EU students get post-Brexit fees promise

02 July 2018

EU students at universities in England, Wales and Scotland will continue to be treated the same as home students in the first intake after Brexit.

Why are teenagers in England becoming less likely to learn languages?

27 June 2018

'Just over a third of state schools reported that leaving the EU is having a negative impact on student motivation and/or parental attitudes towards language learning.'

Can you lose your native language?

08 June 2018

It’s possible to forget your first language, even as an adult. But how, and why, this happens is complex and counter-intuitive.

New research shows how Indo-European languages spread across Asia

10 May 2018

The research sheds new light on the long-standing 'steppe theory' on the origin and movement of Indo-European languages made possible by the domestication of the horse.

How bilinguals process language

09 April 2018

Research led by a psychologist at the University of California, Riverside, shows that bilinguals regulate, or suppress, their native language when reading in a second language.

Language is learned in brain circuits that predate humans

30 January 2018

It has often been claimed that humans learn language using brain components that are specifically dedicated to this purpose.

Only by speaking European languages will Britain rebuild the bridges burned by Brexit

26 January 2018

We will need to rethink our laissez-faire approach to “foreign” languages, and learn to speak to our potential partners in their own first languages.

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Latest News

Calling AMES and MML students to act as ‘Language Ambassadors’

To motivate the take-up of languages in school and progression to higher levels.