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CULP: German Academic Reading for Historians

Faculty of History - German Academic Reading

The course is open only to 1st year History students and enrolment is through the Faculty of History.

Classes will be taught by Sybille Young in TR2 at the Language Centre.

General goals/objectives

CULP for Historians is a course that aims at supporting 1st year History students in reading German historical texts. The course complements the classes of the Themes and Sources option and features an online multi-media component, which is available on LC Online (Raven access). (The online component can be used for self-access learning by any member of the University of Cambridge.)

The German Reading for Historians course will:

    1. Revise some fundamental language structures and principles at a fairly speedy pace, with reference to extracts from the Themes and Sources Reader (collection of relevant texts) in the Michaelmas term.
    2. Introduce and practice reading skills.
    3. Give help and support with reading a selection of the prescribed texts from the Themes and Sources Reader, considering vocabulary, structures, context and general language.

Classes take into account the language proficiency level of the participants (typically around 10) and start with a revision of the core concepts of the language (5 weekly sessions in Michaelmas) and proceed to focus on the texts studied for the Themes and Sources (German) paper, aiming to develop general acdemic reading skills and grammatical knowledge.

CULP German Academic Reading for Historians - Timetable

German AR 12:15 - 14:15 (Michaelmas)
12:00 - 14:00 (Lent)
[LC TR2]

For further information contact Dr Henning Grunwald (

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