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Brazilian Portuguese for Academic Purposes (LAP)

Brazilian Portuguese for Academic Purposes (LAP) for Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Researchers

One 90 minute lesson weekly.

These Brazilian Portuguese courses are designed for researchers, graduate students and staff who have a particular interest in Latin American, Brazilian, Portuguese or Lusophone language, culture and heritage.

They offer linguistic tools that will enable students to comprehend complex texts and produce critical readings and interpretation, and the oral skills for fieldwork.

The classes are going to be conducted primarily in English, even though there will be plenty of opportunity for oral and listening practice.

The Basic course does not require any knowledge of the language while the prerequisite for the Intermediate course is a CEFR A2 level or equivalent standard.

The courses offer the possibility of progression and Basic students are strongly encouraged to continue with the Intermediate course.

Please note that these courses are attended by a number of very able, Spanish speaking students of Latin American studies and that the class dynamics are likely to be fast paced. For the rest of the students this might be challenging but also very rewarding and conducive to sound progress.

The course will start from a Basic level and will aim at:

      1. solidifying strategies of reading of academic texts;
      2. Recognition of the compositional structures of the texts;
      3. Recognition of basic use of Portuguese grammar units;
      4. The students will be asked to perform weekly readings of a wide variety of texts.

Alongside with that, they will be requested to do grammar exercises related to the basic structures of the language, such as verbs and their complements.

For further information please see the syllabi below.


Brazilian Portuguese for Academic Purposes (LAP) Basic
Brazilian Portuguese for Academic Purposes (LAP) Intermediate

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Brazilian Portuguese for Academic Purposes (LAP) -Timetable


15:15 - 16:45
[Room 204, ARB, Centre of Latin American Studies]

Intermediate 1

17:15 - 18:45
[Room 204, ARB, Centre of Latin American Studies]

These courses run for three terms (Mich/Lent/Easter). Please check the Language Centre UTBS site for exact dates.

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