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CULP: Academic Reading (LAP) in German (SAH/SSH)

Academic Reading (LAP) in German for Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Researchers

One 90 minute lesson weekly.

This weekly class is intended to help students in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to develop their skills in reading German documents that they may meet in their research.

Classes will be conducted in English, but there will be many opportunities to use German and practise reading aloud.

Levels to be offered this year: Basic and Intermediate. Basic level classes start from scratch, while Intermediate level classes assume some familiarity with German.

Students who complete a course are able to read and translate complex texts at the respective levels, as well as scan research material in order to assess its suitability.

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CULP Academic Reading (LAP) in German - Timetable

(Schoolwide unless otherwise *indicated.)

Basic 2

[LC TR4]
Intermediate 14:00-15:30
[LC TR3]

These courses run for three terms (Mich/Lent/Easter). Please check the Language Centre UTBS site for exact dates.

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