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Explore resources

Explore resources

Explore resources

Resource Guide

Our guide provides the comprehensive list of every resource we have inside our learning centre (JTC), organised by language and by skill area. 

External online resources

The John Trim Centre for independent language learning

As you can see from the resource guide, the JTC is a treasure trove of 170+ languages, for Cambridge students, staff and members of the public to enjoy as a home-from-home for language learning. 

The learning centre is dedicated to the memory of John Trim (1924-2013), a pioneer in the field of language education and the description of language learning proficiency, whose work to establish the Common European Framework of Reference as a tool for levelling competences aids language educators worldwide today.  The JTC had its origins in the Department of Applied Linguistics, where John was Head of Department and during which time a small collection of materials began to take shape.

Ready to explore?

Yes!  Then please feel free to come in any time to use the learning centre, we are open 9am-7pm during term time, and close at 5pm during the vacations.

With a bit of support!  Appointments to talk to a language learning adviser before, during or after your studies are always available if you’d like a conversation about your learning.

The JTC is like a language gym: use the equipment here to do your training.  Or, to tone up off premises, we offer help with online resources.

The Advising Team