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ADTIS: In-Sessional


In-Sessional Support Programme


Our main purpose is to serve members of the international student community in the University of Cambridge. We aim to support their transition to the demands of academic work in their departments by focusing on helping them to improve their communication and language skills.

The In-sessional Programme is not a traditional language course. We work at the point where academic skills and communication and language skills meet. Our work is based on an understanding of the demands of specialist academic work in all disciplines and of the language skills needed to meet those demands.

Our aim is first to help our students analyse their needs and then work with them to improve, expand and refine the language competences they need to carry out their academic work.

Central to achieving our aims is using a blend of approaches:

    • Workshops – there are between 2-3 workshops per week in term time. These can focus on broader themes or can be very specific to the needs of particular groups of students.
    • Supervisions – Each student has their own dedicated ADTIS supervisor. Supervisions are collaborative and provide a personalised approach to a student’s individual needs. The number of supervisions offered depends on the status of the student.
    • Online support – via the dedicated Moodle website. Resources can be used to build on work done in workshops or in supervisions or can be used independently for self- study.
    • Coaching sessionsone-to-one sessions that that can help you to understand and bridge the gaps between your potential and your performance.
    • We also provide extra vocal training sessions and conversation classes for those who wish to practise their speaking and listening skills and also, via our John Trim Centre, a range of computer and print based self-access resources.

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Many of the workshops are focused on the core skill of academic writing. During our programme we look at the entire writing process from analysing language use in journal papers and how to identify the characteristics of academic strategy and style through to training students in the principles of editing and polishing their work. Some workshops are generic in approach and focus on, for example, writing introductions and literature reviews but others are more specific, such as writing up results sections in scientific papers.


Supervisions are responsive and tailored to the needs of the individual student. Unconditional students - i.e. those for whom attendance of the programme is not a condition of entry to the University - are initially allocated six hours of one-to-one supervisions with their ADTIS supervisor. These may be face-to-face, via e-mail, over Skype or even by telephone - whichever is the most appropriate medium.

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In-Sessional Support Programme - Are you eligible to apply?

To apply to join the In-Sessional Support Programme you must be a member of the University of Cambridge and one of the following:

    • Undergraduate student
    • Postgraduate student
    • Postdoc
    • Erasmus student
    • Researcher
    • Visiting Scholar
    • Staff


  • Conditional student
    where the attendance of the programme has been set as a condition of admission by the Graduate Admissions Office (registration is not required)  

Partners are not eligible to apply but they may register for the English Conversation Hours.

To access the registration form you will need your University of Cambridge RAVEN authentication login and password.

Course Outline Workshops this Term
Registration Conditional Students Information

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Programme start date and duration

Registration starts in October and continues throughout the academic year.

Support is provided for one academic year starting from the term of entry.

In-Sessional Course Fees 2017/2018
Undergrads and Postgrads £280
Post-Docs and Others £515
Conditional (For those whose attendance on the In-Sessional Support Programme is a condition of their entry.)
Conditional In-Sessional programme £385

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    • How many workshops do you do in a year? Over 40 – note that some key workshops on e.g. presenting skills and Vocal training for Chinese speakers are regularly repeated.
    • Do I have to attend all of the workshops? No, but if there is a condition imposed by your Department or the Graduate Admissions Office, you should come to as many as possible.
    • Do I have to do all of my supervisions? No, but it is in your interests to discuss how to make best use of your supervisions with your supervisor and spread them evenly through the year.
    • Is there a language test at the end of the year? No, the In-Sessional Programme is designed to help you meet the demands of your academic work in terms of your language abilities.
    • Do I get a report or certificate? No, but your Department may require us to provide a report for them if there is a condition imposed.  Attendance certificates can be arranged if your Department requires them.
    • Can I save all my supervisions to the end of the year and use them to work on my final report?
      , we would recommend spreading the supervisions evenly through the year and this should enable you to be a more proficient writer by the time you start your major piece of work. Additionally we are not permitted to give feedback on more than about 25% of any assessed piece of work. Two supervisions should be enough on any individual piece of work.

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New In-Sessional Leaflet

In-Sessional Leaflet

In-Sessional Registration Form

The following documents require RAVEN authentication.
Please read the information related to 'Registration' carefully prior to filling in the registration form.

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