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Careers Service Language Referrals

The Language of CVs and Cover Letters (for International Students)

The language and style of CVs and cover letters can be tricky even when English is your first language. But when English isn’t your mother tongue it can be all the more difficult, due to the conventions of writing applications in the UK. If you’d like to review the language of your CV or cover letter once you have spoken to a Careers Adviser about its contents, then simply book a half-hour, one-to-one appointment with one of our advisers. 

Appointments are available on Friday mornings during term-time at the Language Centre. You should first consult a Careers Adviser, who will review the content of your CV and cover letter. You will then be able to register for this service.

Please note the following prerequisite: students must have been referred by the University Careers Service.

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Language and Style of Personal Statements and Research Proposals

Are you applying for graduate study, a scholarship or a postdoc? Do you feel you need advice on the language and style of your personal statement or research proposal?

Have your application reviewed by a Senior Teaching Officer from the Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS) team. This review will then be followed by a one-hour, one-to-one appointment with an ADTIS adviser.

Cost: £27.00

To register for this service, email your name and crsid to:


Q: Who is this service for?

A: It is for those applying to post-graduate study, scholarships or post-docs.

Q: When is this service available?

A: It is available in term-time only.

Q: What form do appointments take?

A: Appointments are one-to-one and last one hour.

Q: What kinds of documents can my adviser review?

A: Your adviser can review: personal statements, research proposals, scholarship applications, statements of interest and purpose.

Q: Will my adviser edit or proofread my documents?

A: No. The purpose of these appointments is to advise you on the use of appropriate language and style. You are responsible for all content, and are expected to edit and proofread your own work.

If you have any further questions, email:

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Do you wish to build stronger personal or study skills, or to enhance an aspect of your academic performance? Realise and work to your full potential with individual or group ADTIS Coaching sessions.

Drawing on our Personal and Study Skills (PASS) Coaching programme for in-sessional students, ADTIS is now offering tailored, skills-based support in a range of areas such as: organisation and time management; working effectively in groups; overcoming anxiety; beating study block and procrastination; building assertiveness; confident communication; and active listening.

ADTIS Coaching will help you to make better sense of your abilities, and will equip you with skills and techniques to use both in your academic life and beyond.

To learn more about how ADTIS Coaching could help you, contact:

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