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In-Sessional support programme (October - June)

In-Sessional Support Programme

The In-Sessional Programme provides support during the academic year and is tailored to the individual student. This support is designed to cater to the academic English needs of postgraduates, postdocs and undergraduates at the University and lasts for one calendar year irrespective of the entry term. The programme consists of focussed two-hour workshops and individual supervisions with an EAP supervisor.

All students on the In-Sessional may attend as many of the weekly workshops as they wish to. Details of the workshops are published at the start of each term on the programme's CamTools site. The number of initial supervision hours allocated is dependent, however, on the student's language condition status - i.e. whether or not attendance on the programme is a condition of their entry to the University.

The EAP In-Sessional Support Programme is not conceived as an additional course, but is intended to support students in addressing any language issues they may have so that they become more autonomous language learners. Whilst the focussed workshops cover the wider generic aspects of English at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, the supervisions are tailored to the needs of the individual student.

Should you have any questions at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact us at EAPadmin@langcen.cam.ac.uk.