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Essential information

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The Language Centre provides a range of courses in eleven languages for students and staff of the University, in addition to offering teaching directly to specific Faculties or Departments.

Open courses

(N.B. open to all staff and student members of the University, but not to the general public)

General language courses at a variety of levels in:

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian,
Japanese, Modern
Greek, Persian,
Portuguese,Russian, Spanish, Swahili


These courses are run three times/year at different levels of intensity, with the greatest choice of languages and levels available in the standard cycle during the first two terms. Each course consists of 30 lessons (50 minutes each) in the classroom + 15 hours work with online resources + 15 hours self-study.

Course When Format (NB: 1 session = 2 x 50 minute lessons)
Standard Michaelmas & Lent 1 session + 2 hours/week self-study, over 15 weeks
Semi-intensive Easter 2 sessions + 4 hours/week self-study, over 7.5 weeks
Intensive Long Vacation 5 sessions + 10 hours/week self-study, over 3 weeks

Online enrolment will normally open several weeks before teaching begins. Course availability for Easter and Long Vacation courses will be publicised in March and May.


Assessment tests are mandatory, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are available on the days your tests are being held. The assessment consists of coursework, an oral presentation, a listening test and a reading comprehension test (each test of 1 hour duration). To complete the course satisfactorily you must attain an overall mark of at least 50% for the 3 tests and have an 80% attendance rate. (You are expected to attain 50% in each assessment.) Assessment dates are published on the course dates page.


Students who complete a CULP course will receive a Certificate of Proficiency awarded by the Language Centre. The courses and the Certificates of Proficiency levels are in line with the Common European Framework for Languages.


Fees are charged for these courses, covering all tuition, learning resources, examinations and certificates. Student fees are subsidised. Current fees are listed with enrolment information.

Students may be able to request a financial contribution from their College towards the payment of CULP fees. Please note that any such contribution will be at the discretion of the College.

Academic Reading Courses and Bespoke Courses for specific Schools and Faculties

Academic Reading for Postgraduates (Schools of Arts & Humanities and Humanities & Social Sciences) in French, German, Italian and Spanish
French for Medics (Clinical Schools Self-Selected Component)
German for Archive Work (Faculty of History)
German for Music (Winterreise) (Faculty of Music)
German for Themes and Sources (Faculty of History)


These courses are run at times of year agreed with the School or Faculty concerned. For more detailed information please see the page for the relevant course.


The School or Faculty arranges for payment for these courses and learners are not therefore charged.

Enrolment information

Enrolment for the French, German, Italian and Spanish Academic Reading for Postgraduates courses is done online. (Please note that to enrol you must be a student in the School of Arts and Humanities and that no fee is charged.)
For all other courses for specific Schools and Faculties please contact the relevant institution.